Every child is valuable and unique.

Our students love to learn  and love their schools.

Each student is known to have a different learning style and lessons are prepared with rich activities to address these different styles.

In Mod Schools, children are addressed to all intelligence areas, and multi-faceted developments are ensured.

Self-confidence and sense of responsibility are the main gains.

Group activities are a basic tool for children to think independently in their peers, to learn a peaceful way of life.

Children are active in class, our teachers are showing the way directory.

Transparent communication and collaboration with our parents is essential.

Children get the knowledge not by memorizing, but by curiosity, research and practice.

Children to make choices, decision making, critical thinking, evaluation skills develop.

In addition to their academic facilities, our children grow up as individuals that can distinguish right from wrong, that is sensitive to developments in their surroundings and grow up as individuals with an understanding of peaceful life.

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