More than education.


Our kindergarten students have fun and learn by going through the workshops and programs we have created in our school campus.

With our method of learning by circulating that we developed together with the establishment of our school, our kindergarten students have fun and learn from the workshops we have created on our school campus. Every workshop that has the appropriate equipment has a branch teacher. Our students are taught by meeting a number of teachers who are experts in their own field, without being bound to a single teacher. Because our methodology does not create addiction to the teacher, the children take their basic character from their parents who are the only guardians of their own. Children do not get bored from school because they walk around in different places during the day. Children who meet with different teachers adapt to other schools without any difficulty.


Early childhood is the most important period in the development of the child, in the formation of its personality, as a healthy individual and the main building blocks are taken. In this period when the brain and physical development are the fastest, it is necessary to be supported most in terms of the development and education of our children. In this period, children learn and discover by touching, seeing and hearing. The more they can hear, the more they can see, the more their senses and abilities develop. In early childhood, children can learn and speak more than one language. When the child starts primary school at the age of seven, he completes most of his development. For this reason, the contribution to the development of children in pre-school education is possible by providing a systematic approach and ideal physical conditions that can both experience education and learning. In Mod Kindergarten, your child is prepared in a manner dominated by Turkish and English, which is fully equipped with the confidence of any school, regardless of your conditions in the future.


In MOD Foreign Language Program, our students are aimed to be world people, to look objectively, to learn languages and cultures that will enable them to have a broad vision.

Foreign languages of the MOD College are English and Russian.

These languages are lived and brought to our students.

Foreign languages are supported during event times outside of intensive class hours.

The first goal in foreign language learning is that the student  likes that language ,be interested in it and be curious about it.

For this purpose, a game-based educational approach is adopted.

With games and songs and fun activities, foreign languages are caused to be liked.

By forming a knowledge acquired by listening and by imitating what you hear they are stepped into verbal expression.