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Game Groups

What is a play group?

Playgroups are an important activity that allows children to socialize. With this activity, children spend quality time with their mothers and participate in physical activities and have fun activities. Playgroups are not the same as kindergartens or kindergartens, as parents think. It is also not an exercise program for kindergartens. The purpose of playgroups is to help children gain independence and self-confidence without having to worry about separating from their parents while at the same time forming a group with their peers at their own age and development level. It helps the beginning of the learning process. Sometimes, mothers think parks and indoor playgrounds as places where children can socialize, but in these environments they are under the strict protection of children and adults of all ages and with us. However, they learn to share in the game group environments and wait in line in the game. Playgroups are socializing programs for children’s growing without breaking the necessary daily routines. All children who have completed the development of the preparation can be incorporated into the game group.

Things to pay attention for Playgroups:

If the level of readiness (crying, requesting mothers) of children in non-parent groups is not sufficient, they should be included in parental groups.

Participation of mothers in parental groups is very important. Due to the respect for the privacy of our other children during the program, we should not take pictures and video continuously.

In non-parent groups children’s self-care during the program will be done by assistant teachers entering the class. In addition, the mother should not be seen by the child during the event and during workshop transitions.