MOD at a Glance

MOD is a boutique school which renews itself constantly with educational methods based on science and offering contemporary, personalized education.

It is a boutique school that provides special education for the contemporary person who constantly renews himself with scientific-based education methods.

Mod International Özel Eğitim Hizmetleri ve Yatırım AŞ.On February 6th, 2014, the school started to teach the Private Mod Bodrum Kindergarten by the Ministry of National Education on 6.10.2015 after completing the construction of the campus which started on 2.12.2014 and on the land belonging to the founders.

In the same year, Mod Bodrum Nursery license was taken for the acceptance of children 0-36 months from the Ministry of Family and Social Policy.

This document was later renewed as a Mod Bodrum Day Care Center for children aged 25-66 months.

3.2.2017 Mod Bodrum Primary School was taken from the Ministry of Education.

Mod International continues its services with its understanding of creative education that does not disappear in children without compromising quality with boutique school understanding.

Starting from MOD Kindergarten, it works for the individuals who can be social leaders with more than one language, from an international point of view, by providing education and education in a safe, happy environment equipped with extensive facilities.

MOD College has embraced training models that have been combined with open-ended benefits for innovation and innovation without compromising on experience.

On 23.12.2017 has shown his innovative understanding as a leader by being the first educational institution to accept crypto currencies in Turkey.